I know this has been beaten to death but: 

Stanley vs Stanford Theory:

Okay so here’s the deal. We have had two glimpses of young Stan in the episodes thus far. 

His first appearance was a physical one in which we physically saw him in that time and place. The second was a flashback from current Stan’s memories. Now lets think of all these Stans separately as past-Stan, flashback-Stan, and current-Stan (It’ll help us distinguish them as we go along)

Physical Difference: Notice that current-Stan and flashback-Stan have identical features. Understandable, due to the fact that it’s his memory. Notice some key things:

  1. Current-Stan and flashback-Stan have non-cleft chins. While past-Stan has a cleft chin.
  2. Current-Stan and flashback-Stan have turned down noses, while   past-Stan has a nose that is slightly upturned.
  3. Current-Stan has sharp jowls. So does his flashback self, but, notice, past-stan’s jowls are round and soft. (As is his chin and jaw in it’s entirety.) 
  4. Skin tone may or may not appear different due to the lighting of the scenes; but it could be said that past and current-Stan have different skin-tones.

**Quick hair note: So as we can see current-stan and his past selves have various similarities and differences. For example, current-Stan has past-Stan’s sideburns and parting but not the shagginess. This brings up the side theory that past-Stan is actually future Dipper. (See: Dipper hair vs. Past-Stan hair.) Now, I’m not sure how into this I am, considering they are supposed to be biologically related. However, I do think that the Stan we saw in this snowy past is NOT the one that we see in the present-day Gravity Falls.

Stanford? Stanley? What’s Stan’s name? We first knew him as Gruncle Stan or just, STAN. But Little Gideon and his family refer to Stan as Stanford. While on Stan’s license plate, it says STNLYMBL (Stanley mobile…duh) Anyway, we could say that Gideon’s name for him is just one of those: “I’m almost going to call you by your name… but not.” But I think that perhaps there are two Stans… Stanford and Stanley. Stanford being current/flashback Stan while past-Stan is Stanley. 

The Glasses: We all noticed them. The glasses. Locked away in another secret mystery-shack room. One that Stan obviously didn’t want anyone to find. One that contained a body-switching rug…



We just said that flashback and current Stan were physical matches. Meaning that if they were the same personality, then the body switching had to have occurred between the past and the flashback. But then the question of the glasses still makes no sense. Why would he need a different body? Why lock up his past if he is still going on as the same person, just in a slightly different body? 

Anyway, I am too tired to come up with anything else… I just wanted to make a post about all of my thoughts about this since the most recent episodes. 


Stan is not what he seems.